I have some tales, being that I was brought to the States as a Bulgarian refugee at the age of six, but I'll save those for later. For now, I mostly grew up in Los Angeles and have spent six years in Portland, Oregon.



I began my artistic studies 21 years ago at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.  We had 3 hour arts classes each day, on a college campus, and got to learn Photoshop, 3Ds Max, ceramics, printmaking, Painting and Drawing Design and more from working artists.  This allowed for a lot of experimentation and time to find my own voice as an artist.  I continued my education at CalArts for Character Animation, and received a BFA in 2003.  It was a choice that enabled me to have a profession in the fields of animation, motion graphics and compositing, and to develop my grasp of the visual language.  I cultivated many qualities working in this field- ability to meet deadlines, an even greater work ethic, and greater sensitivity for different styles.  All that, and I still love to paint.