.  Animation .  Motion-Design  .  Concept  .  Compositing  . 

This reel consists of illustrations and Animation done at attn: for Spotify's series Deconstructing, and other freelance from 2016-early 2017. All done in in After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator. The other freelance in this reel is designed and animated by me alone, with direction from clients. To commission animation, illustration, or motion design, write me at WovenMovement@gmail.com.

2015 Motion Design and Compositing Reel. This reel consists of Compositing, Design, and Animation done primarily at Adapt Media, Ketchum, and Bent Image Labs. 

This is a Kickstarter Campaign video which helped raise $66,000 for Common Vision. I storyboarded, Illustrated, animated, and edited all the animation in under a month (with exception of the paper cut-out animation).

This little old thing was created using After Effects, stop motion, and hand drawn animation, as well as Painter, Photoshop and a little still camera with a bad tripod on a stack of books. The music is done by Adam Brody, with samples from Mozart's Magic Flute. The ending is yet to be completed.

A most avant-garde video, made in 2010, directed, shot, edited and animated by moi.  

 The  Official music video for Beep Trio's Today Is Your Birthday, found on the album City of the Future. 

CD cover used in video by Miriam Lakessong

My fourth year student film at CalArts, 2003. The song is from Z-Rock Hawaii. It was created with paper, pencil, Photoshop and After Effects. Forgive the large pixels, Like I said, it was made a long time ago, back when computers were still children. 

Every city is known for something, Los Angeles seems to be known for it's... signs. Merely symbolizing what many people will only dream to attain. Animated and drawn in AE for a feature directed by Max Joseph.

Motion Design Intros for all performers and schedule slides to be Projected at Electric Festival, at Insomniac Inc.