While commercial and fine art are both visual and challenging, their process and how each plays a roll in my life is very different.  Here is they work for me:

Commercial Art: visual imagery with the purpose to communicate something specific, consicely and directly with the audience fully in mind. simply put, creative problem solving; fun in a mental way.

Fine Art: a visual exploratory stream of consciousness, allowing the art itself to have it's own voice and lead me where it will, allowing for subconscious creations that lead to self discovery, answering questions I never even thought to ask.


And now for a poem, why not?


The Tender Insides

I am here to seek,

in every entity, it's beauty

no matter its pain, nor sadness

provoking a closer examination

developing understanding, and familiarity,

inadvertently seeing it more knowingly; lovingly

triggering healing through understanding

within and without


Within the essence of anything, everywhere

 as ugly or wonderful as it may be,

I seek to see the truth, 

as it is,

not as it appears to be. 

This truth is the essence, 

The Essence; that which we long to see,

in search 


And so through painting whatever- a hare

whatever I dare!

It does not matter what or where


I make myself available

to feel what's real,

to allow it to come through

in a visible, visceral form of color

To see that special something

expose it and record it


It is allowing these truths to seep in,

unafraid of trembling tremendously tender

to have untangled thoughts touch me, 

and with these tortured teeth tell the tales 

always honestly, 

when awareness will stir the soul into shifting,




I seek to maintain flight 

fueled upon the satisfaction of honest beauty

I ask you to believe in this plight

if you so might

dare to