Mural Curious?

Vivifying a living space vivifies the internal.


What is intricacy, when describing murals?  The more colors, design elements, the higher the level of realism,  the higher the intricacy. For example, a cat that is represented as a solid color with two black dots as eyes and triangle claws is low intricacy, a cat with stripes and polka dot socks is medium, and a cat with fur texture, shading, and mouse on its t-shirt is high level intricacy.  

I want a mural, but I don't know what will fit with my room.  I design holistically- taking into consideration the current aesthetic of the room and the desired feeling that the mural evokes. Usually a room calls for some areas with more intricacy, as well as larger areas with not so much detail. Large ares with suggested detail. If the room is thought of as a frame for the people, pets and furniture, It must compliment them, not compete with them.  Since it often feels nice to have breathing room and clear clean refreshing space, I like the . I like to create this type of serene feel by blending similar tones of colors.  It gives me a sense of softness, and floating. 

For this reason, I suggest mostly low range intricacy, with a bit of mid-high here and there. It is nice to have a bit of high intricacy, since the mural's viewers will be so close.  


The Nitty-Gritty:


Concept Sketch:  $300-$1500 depending on complexity/detail/intricacy, lets just call it intricacy; I like that word.

Materials: $15/square foot (includes top clear protective coat)

Painting estimated by $40/hr and based on level of intricacy and square footage.  More details below. 

How many hours does it actually take???  Basically, the Higher the intricacy, the longer it will take.  Here Is a guide to help:

  • Low intricacy: areas of solid color (no blending required), simple cartoon characters, silhouettes, branches rainbows moons, stars, organically painted geometric shapes.
    • A 160 sq.ft. wall mural will take around 32 hours and will cost up to $1,300 in labor.
    • A 300 sqft mural will take around 60 hours and will cost up to $2,400 in labor. 
  • Mid range intricacy: precise geometric shapes, 
    • 160 sq.ft. mid range intricacy mural will take around 64-96 hours and will cost $2,240-$4,800.
    • A 300 sq.ft. mid range intricacy mural will take 80-120 hours and will cost $3,800-$9,400.
  • High intricacy: 
    • A  160 sq.ft. high intricacy mural will take around 160 hours and will cost $5,600-$8,000.
    • A 300 sq.ft. high intricacy mural will take 200 hours and will cost $7,000-$10,000.


How do you price the mural if it is part high intricacy, and part low intricacy?  Sometimes the painting has large areas of simple color, such as a solid color of ice-blue sky, and then high detail, such as a cat flying through.  I take the finished Concept Sketch,  place a grid over top, then assess the percentage high, medium, and low level intricacy. 

I gathered my information based off of several sites,